For over 40 years American Ingenuity (Ai) has been manufacturing
Geodesic Dome Kits with prefab panels for homes or businesses.
225 mph Wind & F4 Tornado Warranty – 
One of Aidomes in British Virgin Islands went through Hurricane Irma’s 200 mph winds w’ no damage.
Within a twelve day period, an Aidome in St. Croix was hit by two category Five Hurricanes (Irma & Maria) with no damage to the dome.
Fire Resistant Concrete Exterior.  Save 50%-60% on cooling & heating costs.
Aidome – Winner of Aurora Grand Award for Energy Efficiency

Ai, maker of 10 geodesic dome kits for owner builders or contractors who want to build a Tornado, Hurricane resistant dome home, concrete retirement kit home, concrete vacation home or commercial business dome.   (Or you or your contractor can be assisted by a construction specialist if needed).   The Ai dome is ideal for a commercial business because the dome makes your business very cool and memorable.  To learn about 10% discount on the building kit &  25% discount on building plans, view Kit Sale.  To view stock floor plan layouts for each of the ten dome sizes, click on Stock Plans.  To view the layout in 3D for a few plans, click on 3D Layouts.  To view a summary of items which can be purchased from Ai; i.e. dome building kit, building plans, Parts List Items, etc. please click on Summary.  To view info about approx. finished cost per sq.ft., click on Finished.

To view an article which covers why build a geodesic dome for your new home that summarizes the major info about the Aidome building system and component panel, please click on Why Build a Geodesic Dome.  View Photo Gallery to see photos of kit assembly and view three YouTube Videos of Aidome construction process.  To view twenty five photo galleries of Aidomes finished or under construction, click on Photo Galleries

Site Specific Load Calculations & Engineer Sealed Aidome building plans.  Your building department determines whether your building plans need a seal by an engineer licensed for your state or area.  Wonderful news if an engineer seal is required to issue a building permit,  Ai is now utilizing an engineering firm who can seal the  Aidome building plans for all 50 states (including Washington DC), US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and all Canadian Provinces other than Quebec.   In order for the plans to be sealed by an engineer licensed for your state or area, the plans buyer pays for a Geotechnical Soil Report and Site Specific Load Calculations based on ICC Structural Requirements and your states building code to be performed on their exact size dome, exact number of openings at their site’s precise design criteria (wind speed & exposure class (seismic zone & snow load if required).  These calculations show that the Aidome prefab panel and building system meets the International Code Council requirements and any codes beyond ICC requirements enforced  by Florida, California and Illinois.   Ai has been told these Site Specific Load Calcs sealed by an engineer licensed for your state means that the Aidome can be built throughout the USA including Florida (Miami Dade, Broward, Indian River County, etc.)  and California if land is zoned correctly, etc.  Please call for Calcs pricing.

Due to requests for assistance in locating a local builder to assemble the concrete dome building kit and finish the dome, American Ingenuity (Ai) has added a new service.   Ai offers assistance with finding a contractor in continental USA, for a fee of $100 Ai will contact builders in the area you are considering building.   Once we have 3-4 potential builders/contractors, we will email their contact information.   When Building Plans are purchased, Ai will credit the $100.00 back to you.  We also have an email we send each perspective builder which says they can call us with questions.  The email contains important info about the Aidome building kit and how an independent kit assembly consultant can be hired to supervise the builder’s workers to get the prefabricated panels installed for the exterior dome shell with one layer of concrete in the seams between the panels.  Then the consultant can leave and the builder’s subs (plumbers, electricians, framers, cabinet installers, painters, etc.) finish the interior and prime and paint the exterior concrete.  In the email is a link for the builder to view a sample set of building plans.  For international builder assistance, please call for pricing.

Do you want to experience Aidome living & be close to central Florida vacation destinations or enjoy Jamaica?  For Florida: Then rent a brand new 1,105 square foot two bedroom/two bath 34’ concrete Aidome located in a gated wildlife sanctuary in Lake Wales Florida.  It is the perfect getaway to relax and unwind away from television and internet or as a central home base to visit your favorite Florida activities. Unique amenities include a claw foot tub, geodesic architecture with a vaulted 17 foot ceiling, 110″ movie screen & projector, and a natural pond that attracts wildlife for viewing.  Minimum stay is two nights.    For rental, please contact 34′ Aidome.  For Jamaica then rent a 45′ Aidome linked to a 34′ dome – five bedroom three baths in Runaway Bay.  For info about the Jamaica domes, click on Runaway Bay

These panelized dome kits – kit homes consist of a prefab steel reinforced concrete insulated R28 panels with 1/2″ Georgia Pacific DensArmor drywall on the panel interior giving you the greatest protection possible at roughly the same cost per sq.foot to build as conventional house or commercial construction. The exterior is 3/4″ concrete reinforced with galvanized steel mesh and fibers. The seam areas between the panels average two inch thick steel reinforced concrete when filled in on site.  The kit includes all the prefab panels to assemble the dome exterior walls and roof and panels for one entryway.  Additional entryways and dormers are purchased based on the floor plan layout.  We believe you should not pay shipping costs for interior items, doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures, etc. because these items can be purchased locally.

Concrete is 100% better than building with lumber, and not as expensive as you might think. Due to aerodynamic shape & steel reinforced fiber concrete exterior, the Aidome has proved its strength & fire resistance.  One of Aidomes in British Virgin Islands went through Hurricane Irma’s 200 mph winds with no damage.   An Aidome in St. Croix US Virgin Islands went through two category 5 hurricanes in a twelve day period with no damage to the dome.  Plus an elevated Aidome in Florida Keys went through Hurricane Irma with no damage.  Read about it on Disaster Resistant.  An Aidome suffered no damage with a 30″ in diameter hickory tree fell on it.  Why did Ai stop guniting concrete onto the exterior of its dome and invent the prefab panel? It is too labor intensive & a waste of concrete to pump or gunite concrete on the entire exterior of the dome.

Due to the dome’s reduced exterior surface area and R28 uninterrupted insulation, the Aidome can cut your utility bills 50%-60%. Energy efficiency summary can be viewed at summary. View pictures of beautiful dome interior designed by international artist Electros, To view pictures of a 45′ dome on full basement review Stroupe page.  View pics of five bedroom gorgeous Oklahoma dome built in tornado alley, view 48′ dome.  To see energy bills and photos of 34′ dome, click on Dome Across From Indian River.

For other dome pictures, check out the left menu bar for fourteen photo galleries and view Kaufman pics. To learn about Component Panel Assembly, click on Assembly. Ai has a video that includes film showing the prefabricated concrete panel being manufactured. Inside Edition aired a report on the Ai dome. Please scroll down to view second video.

Ai has sold over 800 dome kits into 47 USA states and 15 foreign areas. An American Ingenuity dome won the award for Most Energy Efficient Residence in the Southeastern United States….beating out a home sponsored by the utility company Florida Power & Light.  To view free info and You Tube Videos, please click on Free Info


American Ingenuity, Inc. (Ai), located in Rockledge, Florida, (about one hour east of Orlando) has been business since 1976. Ai manufactures cement home or commercial building kits in diameters 15ft, 18ft, 22ft, 27ft, 30ft, 34ft, 36ft, 40ft, 45ft and 48ft. On site the prefab concrete panels are assembled with locally purchased doors and windows installed. Once the interiors are built on site with local materials per the building plans, the interior square footage can range from 172 sq.ft. to 2,992 sq.ft……from one bedroom/one bath to four/five bedroom/three bath homes or commercial structures. The concrete dome is ideal for a retirement home, vacation home, cabin, get-a-way, guest cottage, mother-in-law suite, primary home or business building and for areas prone to forest fires or heavy snow load.  Before building a log cabin please compare the advantages of a Ai dome vs log home.  Before building a monolithic dome, read Ai dome vs monolithic dome.  Please read info about Ai dome and a container home and a yurt or a Deltec Kit

To view stock plans for each of the ten size dome kits Ai manufacturers, click on Stock Plans. If you do not see a stock plan to fit your lifestyle, Ai can modify a plan or design a custom plan from your descriptions and sketches. To view sale pricing on the stock plans and the building kit for each stock plan, click on Plans & Kit Sale Pricing.  If floor plan layouts are mailed, call for printing and mailing costs. American Ingenuity’s Dome Building Plans are new and improved. An Expanded Kit Assembly Manual is now available with each dome order.

The American Ingenuity Dome and its inventor, Michael Busick, were written about on page 100 in the October 2010 issue of Popular Science Magazine. The issue’s theme was “The Future of the Home, LIFE ON THE EDGE, Habitats for a Changing World”. The article about Ai showed a reprint of the front page cover story that Popular Science ran on the American Ingenuity Dome in 1987. This October 2010 article on Ai was named, “THE FUTURE THEN…..FROM THE POPULAR SCIENCE ARCHIVES”. To receive via email a pdf of the original Popular Science 1987 Cover Story which featured the American Ingenuity dome and its founders on the front cover with article and the 2010 article featuring the Ai dome, click on Contact Us and ask for the pdfs.

To view what the Concrete Component Panel and Dome Kit Consists of please click on Building Kit Contents. To view what is not included in the kit, click on Not Included.

How Is the Kit Assembled? DIY or Hire a Builder.

To view pictures of prefab concrete panel assembly, click on Dome Kit Assembly and Construction Overview.  The dome kit can be a Do It Yourself Project with the owner builder utilizing family and friends or hiring his own workers for kit assembly.  Or the home owner or business owner hires a builder who hires the independent Kit Assembly Specialist who travels world-wide to supervise your kit assembly and the application of the first layer of fiber concrete into the panel seams and onto the entryways and dormers. Then either your workers or your builder’s workers completes the second layer of concrete in the seams & on the entryways and dormers. To learn more about selecting a builder, view Builders,  Contractor & Determining Contractor Pricing. For interior finishing complete yourself or hire local subcontractors to complete the plumbing, electrical, framing, window/door installation, wall board finishing, kitchen cabinetry, bathroom fixtures, etc.

Tiny Homes – NEW DOME SIZES – 15′ & 18′

 Ai has added two new tiny dome sizes, 15′ and 18′, to its current dome building kit sizes.

To view stock plans for 15′, 18′, 22′, 27′, 30′ & 34′ tiny domes (172 sq.ft. to 1,278 sq.ft.) and to view pictures of small 22′ in diameter domes under construction and finished, click on Tiny Homes.To view regular and sale pricing on Tiny Concrete Home Kits, click on Sale.

To view construction pictures of 22′ dome, please click on Video. Great for Special Hideaway, vacation cabin, mother-in-law quarters, guest house, hunting cabin, glambing, tiny home, micro home, cottages for resort or starter home. The Ai dome is much stronger, has noncombustible materials in its wall panels, fire resistant concrete exterior & more insulated than a tent or yurt. Please check with your building department to see if there is a minimum size house requirements…..sometimes the minimum size is 500 sq.ft. or 800 sq.ft. which would be American Ingenuity’s 27 ft in diameter dome. Or sometimes the minimum size new home has to be 1,100 sq.ft. – which would be the 34′ dome.


Financing – to view Ai’s eighteen page booklet giving financing alternatives, view Booklet.  Because most of the Ai domes are built as retirement homes, they are not sold by the home owner. Lenders do not like this as they want resale numbers. As a result, typically lenders want a 25% to 35% cash down payment based on the finished price of the dome.

What States & Countries Have AiDome Kit Homes Been Shipped To?

To date American Ingenuity has sold kits into 47 U.S.A. states and fifteen foreign areas.   Ai has exported domes to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands-St. Kitts and St. Croix, West Indies-Nieves, Canada, Israel, Jamaica, Bahrain, Tasmania, Trinidad, Thailand and the Faroe Islands (between Iceland/Scotland/Norway). To learn more about importing Ai domes, click on Importing.  

For those interested in obtaining a California or Florida building permit for American Ingenuity’s concrete dome housing kit, provide your site address & building department name and Ai will contact your building department and find out if the following are submitted along with their other paperwork can a new home building permit be issued on the Aidome building kit?

1)  Building plans which are site specific designed for the properties wind, snow, seismic loads & sealed by an engineer licensed for your state

2) Site Specific Load Calculations sealed by an engineer licensed for your state or area.  The Calcs are run using the Risa Program and using International Code Compliant requirements, your states’ building code requirements and your site’s specific wind, snow, seismic, exposure class. The calcs show that the Aidome prefab panel and building system complies with these requirements. 

3) Their other required paperwork which can include Passing Energy Report,  Fire Sprinkler Plan (if required), Site Plan, Survey, Soil Report.  Ai can complete the Rescheck Energy Report; however Florida, California and Washington have their own Energy Programs which local companies can complete after receiving data specific to the Aidome.   Local Companies also complete the fire sprinkler plan if required, site plan, survey and soil report.