7th Step – Obtain Building Permit.  Every Building Department in each state and city and county within a state can vary as to what they require to issue a building permit for a new residential home.  As a result it is American Ingenuity’s philosophy that each Buyer pays for only what their building department requires.  Ai does not burden the price of the building kit for building plans pricing, engineer seal fees, ICC Structural Calculations or energy report fees. If we did, the Ai dome kit price would need to increase in price.

Some areas in Arkansas, Indiana, Vermont, Texas, Tennessee, Missouri and other states do not have building departments, so the property owner only obtains a septic tank permit and well permit if needed.  In the cases where no Building Plans are submitted to a building department, the building plans (17-23 blueprints) are utilized to build the foundation, dome kit and finish the interior of the dome home.

Some building departments can require not just building plans be submitted but they want the plans sealed by an engineer licensed for that state.   States vary as to what code they adopt and enforce.  The codes can be 2015 International Building Code, 2012 International Building Code, 2009 International Building Code, California Building Code and 2014 Florida Building Code 6th Edition, etc. The Ai dome building plans comply with all these codes, but the building officials do not know this.  The seal confirms that the plans comply with that state’s code.  Engineer seals are specific to each floor plan and to each state. The engineer’s seal can be purchased through American Ingenuity.  The cost for a seal for any state for one dome on a slab is $600.

For custom foundations other than slab – basement, stem wall, pilings, concrete columns, etc. engineer seal fees vary.  Please call Ai for pricing.  321-639-8777 Mon-Fri 9-5 ET.

Besides the sealed plans, the building department can require the following be submitted for a building permit to be issued.  At no cost to you if you give Ai your properties tax ID number or site address, we call the building department and find out if building plans and ICC compliant Structural Calculations sealed by an engineer licensed for your state and their other required paperwork are submitted will they issue a permit on the Aidome?  Of course we know under plans examination a checklist can come back of items to be revised. Ai and the engineer make those changes at no cost, with the plans buyer resubmitting the revised sealed plans per the building department requests.

  1. An Energy Report be completed on the envelope of the home including the exterior door and window U factors.  Ai can complete the REScheck Energy Report for all states; however California, Washington and Florida have their own energy programs. The price for an Energy Report for one dome on a slab is $190.  These three states have their own programs so companies specializing in their completion are hired. Ai has the name of CA firm that has completed a California Title 24 Energy Report.   For Florida, Washington & California, Ai can provide the company you hire the wall dimensions, R value to be entered in the report for a $100 fee.
  2. ICC Compliant Structural Calculations:  Wonderful news Ai is now utilizing an engineering firm who can seal the  Aidome building plans for all 50 states (including Washington DC), US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and all Canadian Provinces other than Quebec.  In order for the plans to be sealed by an engineer licensed for your state, the plans buyer pays for ICC (International Code Compliant) structural calculations to be performed on their exact size dome, exact number of openings at their site’s precise design criteria (wind speed & exposure class (seismic zone & snow load if required). These calculations show that the Aidome prefab panel and building system meets the International Code Council requirements and any codes beyond ICC requirements enforced  by Florida, California and Illinois.   Ai has been told these  ICC calcs sealed by an engineer licensed for your state mean that the Aidome can be built through out Florida (including Miami Dade, Broward, Indian River County, etc.)  and California if land is zoned correctly, etc.  Please call for ICC Structural Calc pricing.
  3. In Florida and California all new construction requires Engineer Sealed Building Plans, engineer sealed ICC Compliant Structural Calculations, passing Energy Report and other docs.
  4. Elevation Certificate – if your property is in a Flood Zone you will be required to hire a surveyor to determine the height of your finished floor to get it above the water surge or mean high water mark.  This height is entered on your building plans and you give the Certificate to your building department.
  5. Site Map – this is completed by you or a local company.  It shows outline/dimensions of your property, setbacks, driveway, location of the dome, well, septic drain field (or city sewer or city water lines), location of other out buildings, etc.  Ask your building department what they want included on your site map.
  6. Electrical Diagram, Plumbing Diagram and HVAC Diagram.  Ai does not include these diagrams in the 17-23 blueprints because Ai has found the electrical, plumbing and HVAC subcontractors prefer to design their own diagrams based on how they are going to layout your electrical, plumbing and HVAC (heating & air conditioning ducts or ductless units).
  7. If your building department requires the following, please hire your local HVAC subcontractor to complete: Manual S (Equipment Sizing Certification); Manual D (Duct Design & Layout Drawing); or Manual J for the Rescheck Energy Report (Residential Heat Load Calculation).
  8. If no city sewer or water, obtain permit to install well and septic tank and drain field based on number of bedrooms in the plan.
  9. Building Permit Fees are paid to the county or city.  In Florida impact fees are also paid.