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Below is information on Tiny Home Kit Reg & Sale Pricing with specifications for American Ingenuity’s Tiny Dome Building Kits. Due to demand for Tiny Homes, Ai has added two new sizes – 15′ and 18′ to our building kit assortment. To view stock floor plan layouts for each Tiny Home size, click on Geodesic Dome Home Plans.  Exterior of dome is steel reinforced concrete.  There is no wood in or on the shell to burn, to rot or to be eaten by termites.  No roof to blow off in high winds.  To view advantages of Ai dome, click on Advantages. To read about tree impact and Ai dome, click on Tree Impact.  To compare Ai dome to log home kit, click on Log Home. Considering a small dome for your retirement home, click on retirement.  To view photo of Florida 34′ dome and its electric bills for cooling, click on Energy Efficient.

The kit sale pricing is for all the prefab panels for the shell and one entryway.  Each floor plan varies as to number of entryways and dormers. Once you know which floor plan you prefer, contact Ai (321-639-8777 – 9-5 Eastern Time) and we will email Plans Sale Pricing and Dome Building Kit Sale Pricing.  If you do not see a floor plan to fit your desires, Ai can modify or customize a plan based on your sketches and descriptions.

To view photo gallery of 22 Tiny Home, click on Tiny Dome Kit info.  Below the two charts is information about comparing the Ai dome kit to other housing kits or conventional housing.

15’ & 18’- consists of all the triangular panels and standard 4’ risers plus 2’ riser component panels for the dome shell and panels for one entryway. 22’ & 27’ have standard 4’ risers or custom 5’ risers, panels for the dome shell & panels for one entryway. Each component panel has exterior ¾” fiber concrete reinforced w’ galvanized steel mesh, core of 7″ R-28 expanded polystyrene insulation (E.P.S.) with interior Georgia Pacific ½” DensArmor Plus gypsum drywall.

American Ingenuity can arrange shipping on 53’ step deck semi-trucks. Freight varies from $2.40 to $2.90 per mile ($800 minimum) per truck, from Ai plant in Rockledge, Florida. One truck can carry up to  five 15’ kits or two 18’ kits or two 22’ kits or one 22’ kit & one 27’ kit with 7” EPS or one 30′ kit or one 34′ kit.  Panel composition can be viewed at Composition. For Dome Kit Contents view at Contents. Want assistance on kit assembly, view Consultant.

If kit insulation is down sized in the 15′ or 18′ domes from 7″ to 3 ½” EPS & no drywall is installed, then up to ten 15’ kits can fit on one truck and up to four 18’ kits can fit on one truck.   22’ & 27’ dome kits cannot be purchased with 3 ½” EPS.  Due to the larger panel size in the 22′ & 27′ kits,  the thinner 3 1/2″ EPS makes the panels too flexible during movement causing the concrete to crack. Therefore dome kits 22′ or larger have to be manufactured with the thicker 7″ EPS.  td-price-1-900


Comparing Apples to Apples

When comparing Ai Concrete Dome Kit to other Kits & Conventional Housing

American Ingenuity’s (Ai’s) panelized system has proven to save our clients labor time, as well as a reduction in material waste and material costs. That is why when comparing geodesic companies, or log home kits or conventional housing,  it is important to compare apples to apples, not just kit cost. The process of stacking the American Ingenuity prefab panels, overlapping/locking the steel mesh of adjacent panels and filling the seams with special fiber concrete, produces the structural components of the home, the finished concrete exterior surface, installs all the noncombustible insulation and all the dome shell 1/2″ drywall. No need for material and labor costs to install exterior framing, plywood, tarpaper, shingles or interior shell insulation and shell drywall.

Ai is committed to providing you with the best design, energy efficiency, and durability (when completed) with our panelized system for geodesic concrete homes for an affordable price.

What are the American Ingenuity triangular and rectangular shaped panels made from? Center core of 7″ Expanded Polystyrene R-28 Insulation (not Styrofoam), exterior is ¾” thick fiber concrete reinforced with galvanized steel mesh with interior of 1/2″ Georgia-Pacific DensArmor Plus High-Performance gypsum drywall board (which is moisture resistant, mold resistant gypsum and noncombustible). The steel mesh extends out all sides of the prefab panels. When two panels are set side by side, the steel mesh overlaps the mesh of the adjacent panel and is locked with “C” rings. Special fiber concrete is mixed on site and hand troweled in the seam areas in two applications — bonding agent is applied between the two layers. The seam areas are about 3″ deep by 5″ wide which average 2″ thick concrete.

When you compare companies dome kits, please consider the following items:

  1.  Does the companies kit have a finished exterior, or do you need to finish with a vapor barrier and either shingles, siding or stucco?
    Our dome’s exterior is 3/4″ fiber concrete reinforced with galvanized steel mesh. Only the seams (about 3” deep by 5” wide) between the panels & the entryways & dormers are concreted on site. You do not concrete over the entire shell. After kit assembly the concrete gets primed and painted.
  2. Is the framing of the exterior walls wood or is the exterior of the kit wood, that eventually rots, or termites can eat, or can potentially burn?  Ai’s dome prefab panels contain no wood in them making the panels fire resistant. Our domes have survived forest fires. There is no wood in the dome exterior to rot or be eaten by termites. There is no roof or shingles to burn and no roofing to blow off in high winds.
  3. What maintenance is needed for the dome exterior? The entire exterior of the Ai dome shell is covered with a continuous layer of concrete so there is nothing to rot, rust, shrink, warp, or be eaten by termites. Without shingles, gutters, or exterior trim to maintain. It only requires an occasional pressuring washing and painting.
  4. Does the kit contain insulation? What type, and what is the overall R-Value for energy efficiency?
    Our kit’s riser and triangle panels come with 7″ thick Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation already installed producing an overall R-Value of 28. An option is available for 9″ insulation R-36 value. In addition, our exterior triangle and riser panels have no wood ribs interrupting the insulation resulting in continuous insulation. (Other companies suggest the use of spray foam insulation which is expensive to install, often covers wiring and piping making repairs difficult).
  5. Does the insulation recommended for the shell contain HBCD, TCPP, CFCs and formaldehyde? The EPS insulation that Ai contains none of the above items. It is not Styrofoam. The EPS that Ai utilizes has a flame retardant added to it, therefore the EPS is noncombustible and is protected by the 1/2″ DensArmor drywall which is also non-combustible and provides the Code required 15 minute thermal barrier. EPS when exposed to flame does not produce toxic gases such as Cyanide.
  6. How is the interior of the shell finished? Do you have to buy, cut, nail or glue drywall that you have purchased to the interior of the dome shell? Or do you need to spray foam insulation over the entire shell? (Very labor intensive and expensive)
    Our kits triangle and riser panels come with ½” thick DensArmor (by Georgia Pacific), fiberglass mat on both sides with gypsum that is moisture resistant and mold resistant. During kit assembly rain will not harm the drywall. The drywall is adhered to the EPS with wallboard adhesive. There is no cutting and adhering of the drywall needed for the shell interior. There is no need to spray foam insulation, saving you labor costs, and less product waste. When the kit shell is assembled tape the joints and finish like traditional wallboard. (To blend the seam areas to the drywall, apply joint compound in a skip trowel effect.)
  7. Do their kits come with standard vertical riser panels before the triangle panels slope inward?  Ai’s kits come standard with 4′ tall prefab riser panels. This allows for first floor vertical space (8′ headroom on first floor) before the dome panels start to slope in giving you more useable headroom on the second floor. We also offer an option to increase the riser panel height giving you up to 10′ of headroom on the first floor (dependent upon dome diameter size).
  8. Do they offer in house building plan design? Are the plans fully executable, and permit worthy? Do they use a knowledgeable licensed engineer, for design calculations and engineer seal if needed? Can they produce an Energy Report if needed? Is an Assembly Manual provided?  Ai’s cad designer works to create a home layout that is unique, whether using existing floor plans or one that is designed to your specifications. Our plans are in full detail (13- 17 sheets), fully executable, and permit worthy. We work with engineers who are knowledgeable about geodesic structures to do specialized load bearing designs and seal our plans (if needed). Ai can provide energy reports if required for permit. Our assembly manual covers in detail the construction process of the dome (the manual is available to view once a kit deposit and order is made.)
  9. Finally, does the other companies back up their product against high winds, Tornadoes and Hurricanes?  American Ingenuity offers a limited warranty up to a 225 mile an hour winds, or an F4 tornado, see details on our website.

Ai hopes when finished comparing our concrete dome home kit against other kits, you will see that our product is superior, and more cost effective. We  look forward to speaking with you, and working with you to provide you a home that is safe, secure and energy efficient.

American Ingenuity – 8777 Holiday Springs Rd. –  Rockledge, Florida  32955

321-639-8777 Mon-Fri 9-5 Eastern Time.   Email: GlendaB.Aidomes@gmail.com


The American Ingenuity (Ai) dome is ideal for down sizing your home for retirement. Ai has ten sizes of dome kits to down size your home to: from 172 sq.ft. to 3,000 sq.ft.. Ai kits range in size from one bedroom/one bath; two bedroom/two bath; three bedroom/two bath, four or five bedroom home with 2 -3 baths.  To view plans for Tiny Homes, view Tiny Domes.     To view floor plans for all sizes of domes, click on Stock Plans.


34′ American Ingenuity Dome featured on Forbes Life web site

In addition to the Ai dome able to provide the reduced square footage you want, there are five other reasons why an Ai prefabricated home dome kit once assembled and finished makes the perfect retirement home.

1. Low Utility Bills for heating and cooling result because of the following reasons:

  • The exterior of an Aidome has 30% less exterior surface area for your heating and cooling to escape through than a conventional shaped box house. So almost automatically you receive a 30% savings on your heating and cooling costs.
  • American Ingenuity’s tightly sealed exterior has no wood to interrupt the insulation resulting in uninterrupted EPS insulation producing one of the most energy efficient homes available today. Expect heating and cooling bills to be half that of conventional houses or log homes in your area. If traveling to warmer climates in the winter, the thermostat can be set at 40 degrees with no concern about water pipes freezing.
  • The standard 7” EPS R28 noncombustible insulation is comparable to 11” of fiberglass batting. This means a conventional house would need at least 2×10 walls and still not meet the insulation value of the 7” EPS. To view the energy bills for a 1,200 sq.ft. dome home, click on Low Cooling Costs. To view the energy bills for 3,700 sq.ft. office domes, click on $55 a month.

2. Fire Resistant Concrete Exterior: If living in a wooded area and away from home months at a time, the dome is designed to be as safe and fireproof as possible because the dome exterior is entirely noncombustible concrete. There is no exterior PVC air form. The dome exterior is concrete.

3. Dome Exterior Walls are Super-Strong to resist high winds, tree impact & heavy snow load. A geodesic network of structural arches is created by the thick concreted seams that join the steel and fiber reinforced concrete panels

  • The Aidome concrete roof is resistant to damage from falling trees or falling branches laden with ice. There was no damage to the Brack’s 48′ American Ingenuity dome after winds in excess of 75 mph hit North Carolina in July of 1996. The real test came when a 115′ high, 30″ in diameter hickory tree was blown over and fell on their dome. The impact broke a 10″ diameter branch off the tree. The tree slid off the dome and landed on a deck post driving it and it’s 16″ square concrete footer 6″ further into the ground. The insurance agent who inspected the damage to the deck conveyed his amazement about the dome’s strength with this comment, “If that had been a frame house the tree would have ended up in the basement!”
  • The Aidome concrete roof is resistant to damage from heavy snow loads. During a winter heavy snow fall, the Napolitan’s dome stood strong with the homeowners saying: “Roofs had COLLAPSED in our area under several feet of snow, but NOT OUR DOME!”
  • The Aidome concrete roof has no shingles or roofing to blow off in high winds. Ai’s dome owner’s warranty even covers F4 tornadoes and up to 225 mph winds. To view Ai’s web site file that summarizes hurricanes and other acts of nature, Recap.

4. Low Exterior Maintenance: The Ai dome has less exterior maintenance than a conventional framed house. The dome’s exterior is a shell of continuous concrete with incredible durability with nothing to rot, rust, warp, be eaten by termites or be damaged by fungus, molds and insects. The exterior concrete is primed and painted with no shingles or separate roofing to blow off in high winds. Normal maintenance is to pressure wash and paint every 4-6 years. The dome’s expanded polystyrene insulation will not shrink, deteriorate, absorb moisture or relinquish its R-value.

5. Floor Plan Flexibility: The American Ingenuity dome exterior walls are self-supporting eliminating the need for interior load bearing walls to support the roof. As a result the Ai domes offer more design possibilities than conventional shaped houses. To view Ai’s stock plans, click Geodesic Dome Home Plans and scroll down the page to view the hyperlinks. If you do not see a stock plan to fit your needs, our computer aided design team can customize your floor plan to suit your lifestyle.


American Ingenuity, 8777 Holiday Springs Road, Rockledge, Florida 32955-5805
Tel: 321-639-8777 9-5 Monday – Friday Eastern Time. Email GlendaB.Aidomes@gmail.com


Wood House burns in CA Silver Fire – home owner rebuilds with Ai concrete dome home kit.

The California Silver fire started on August 12, 2013 in southern California just south of Banning. By the time firefighters had contained the blaze, it had burned about 20,000 acres, forced thousands to evacuate their homes, injured eight people, and destroyed 46 structures.

One of the homes destroyed was a wood dome owned by the Berres’s. Because they loved the advantages of living in a dome home, strength, energy efficiency, etc. they chose to rebuild another dome; but this time instead of a wood dome with shingles they chose to rebuild utilizing an American Ingenuity dome building kit because its exterior is noncombustible steel reinforced concrete.

Below the photo gallery of the Berres dome under construction is an image of the burn scar left from the Silver fire and a YouTube video of the fire.

Photo Gallery of Berres 48′ Concrete Dome Kit Under Assembly

(Click the arrows or dots to change pics)

 Silver Fire Area

silverfire_oli_2013222Dark red color shows the burn scar when the California Silver Fire of 2013 burned about 20,000 acres,

forced thousands to evacuate their homes, injured eight people and destroyed 46 structures. 

On August 10, 2013, the Operational Land Imager (OLI) on Landsat 8 captured this false-color image of the burn scar left by the Silver fire, which burned in southern California, just south of Banning.

The image was made with a combination of shortwave infrared, near infrared, and green light collected by OLI. Shortwave infrared is between near infrared (seen in infrared photography) and thermal infrared light (used by temperature sensors) on the electromagnetic spectrum. Shortwave infrared light is reflected by some surfaces (like bare soil), and emitted by very hot objects (lava or fires). Burned areas appear dark red. The lighter red area in the upper left of the image is a burn scar from a previous fire. Dark green areas are forests; light green areas are grasslands, golf courses, or yards.

Over the last decades, California fires had charred an average 5.7 million acres by August 22, according to statistics published by the National Interagency Fire Center.




10th Step-Foundation, Kit Assembly.  Your building plans contain blueprints showing foundation type, dimensions and details for footers and  foundation rebar installation.  If you are located in the USA, after your plans are finished, two sets of plotted out plans (either 18″ x24″ or 24″ x36″) will be shipped to you.

If Buyer lives outside the USA and the plans are not engineer sealed, there is no need for Buyer to pay shipping costs on the plans, Ai emails the finished plans pdfs for printing in your country.

Ai emails the finished pdfs to each Buyer so the pdfs can be emailed out to receive price quotes from subcontractors, or builder or the independent Kit Assembly Consultant.

Buyer can email the pdfs to Office Depot, or Staples, etc. and have extra sets of building plans printed locally.  These extra sets can be given out for bids on your foundation, dome assembly, exterior finishing and interior finishing.

Buyer accept bids for the foundation work and has the foundation installed. It is quite normal that the foundation does not get installed when planned due to weather, etc.   Accepting delivery of your dome kit is not dependent on your foundation being installed.  The dome kit can be stored on your site 2-3 months (in nonfreezing weather) waiting for the foundation to be installed.  Longer storage can be achieved by spraying another layer of paint on the EPS if needed.

After the foundation is installed, the kit assembly & temporary wooden rib system assembly begins.   There is a total of five rows of dome panels to be installed on to the temporary wooden supports. The first row of panels is installed directly onto the dome’s first floor. This floor is concrete if it is a concrete slab and wood if the dome is built on a basement.  All the prefab panels are numbered with numbers and letters to match the nomenclature blueprint in the Building Plans and the Assembly Manual that is shipped with each dome kit.   After a kit deposit and signed Order Forms are received, Ai can mail the manual to Buyer.

Once all the panels are installed with two layers of concrete in all the seams and on the entryways and dormers, link, cupola, etc., the temporary wooden rib system comes down.  There is no wood in the dome exterior walls to interrupt the insulation or to burn or to rot or for termites to eat.  Most of the wood can be used for interior framing, especially the knee wall around the second floor perimeter area.

In the dome there are two main sizes of triangle panels, named P or H.  Five P panels are installed together to make a Pentagon configuration.  Six H panels are installed together to make a Hexagon configuration. So when a panel calls for a P, your workers look in a stack of P panels and pull a P panel.  When the plan calls for an H, your workers look in the stack of H panels and pull a H panel.

The entryway and dormer panels are identified with specific numbers and letters and are installed in the row of panels shown on the blueprints. At specific locations around the perimeter of the dome, triangles and riser panels are left out to provide openings where the dome owner or their framer installs locally purchased exterior doors and windows. To structurally compensate for the triangle and riser panels being left out, these “structural awnings” – entryways, dormers or link or cupola are installed.

The Ai dome kit consists of all the triangular panels, four foot tall riser panels for the dome shell and panels for one entryway.  The exterior of each triangle or riser panel is 3/4″ fiber concrete reinforced with galvanized steel mesh with a center of  7″ noncombustible Expanded Polystyrene insulation (EPS) with interior 1/2″ Georgia Pacific DensArmor (moisture resistant/mold resistant gypsum drywall) adhered to each riser and triangle panel.

Your floor plan selection determines how many more entryways (standard, garage or high profile), window dormers, door dormers, cupola, link, etc. will be ordered. The link is used to connect two domes together.

The building kit does not include any doors or windows and does not contain any interior items (except for the interior shell drywall and insulation).  American Ingenuity believes that you should not pay shipping on items that can be purchased locally.


9th Step – Accept Delivery of Your Dome Kit. The Kit Buyer and American Ingenuity agree upon the month the dome kit will be shipped.  To receive the entire dome building kit discount, Ai determines the week and day of shipment in the agreed upon delivery month.  Buyer is given 6-8 week’s’ notice of the kit shipment date.

Your foundation does not need to be installed to accept delivery of your kit.  It is quite normal that foundations do not get installed when planned due to weather conditions, etc. Your dome kit can be stored outside for 2-3 months in nonfreezing weather waiting for your foundation installation (some boxes and items should be stored indoors.)  If more months of outside storage is needed, spray another layer of latex paint on the EPS edges.

Ai has a detailed truck unloading document that describes the kit unloading process.

 The dome kit can be stored outside (in nonfreezing months) for the following reasons:

  1. The steel reinforced concrete, noncombustible Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation & drywall are not harmed by rain.
  2. American Ingenuity paints the EPS edges that extend out of the steel reinforced concrete with latex paint.  The paint prevents UV light from harming the EPS.
  3. The special 1/2″ Georgia Pacific DensArmor drywall on the interior of the dome panel is not conventional gypsum.  When conventional gypsum gets wet, the gypsum crumbles & the paper face is a food source for mold growth.  This special DensArmor drywall contains fiberglass face with special gypsum which allows it to be moisture resistant and mold resistant as there is no food source for mold growth.  Even if the drywall gets wet and is then allowed to dry out, per the manufacturer, the DensArmor goes back to its original consistency.

8th Step – Site Clearing & Install Utilities.   Before removing any trees or disturbing any soil or plants obtain required permits.

Driveway ConstructionTo install a driveway from the main street or road to your house site, a permit may need to be issued showing culvert size, driveway width, driveway height, etc.  Please ask your building department about this.  The dome building kit will be delivered on a semi-truck that is 70 plus feet long.  If there is no turn around on your property, the truck can park at the street with the panels being forklifted or trailed to the site.  If the truck will be parked on the street, a permit may need to be obtained so you can block one lane of traffic.  Ai’s truck unloading document covers this possibility.

Install utilities as needed on your property

  1. If you have city water and sewer then there are minimum setbacks where nothing can be built next to these lines.  If you install a septic tank and drain field, the Health Department for your city or county will have requirements for size and setbacks from the tank and field where nothing can be built.
  2. Check your notes as you will have the phone number to call the Electric Power Company for installation requirements for your temporary electric power pole, lines & meter.

Clear site where your foundation will be installed and where dome panels will be stacked on pallets or boards.

To obtain the correct finished floor height, the building department will probably require a survey be taken from the crown of the nearest county or city maintained road to your building site location.  The floor is supposed to be so many inches above the crown of the road. This height will determine if fill has to be brought in and compacted, etc.  Soil under a foundation is to be compacted to 2,000 pounds per sq.ft load bearing pressure. If your soil will not compact to this number, the engineer could design the slab to be 6″ thick instead of 4″ and the footer size could change from 20″ tall to 16″ wide to 20″ tall and 20″wide. Each slab and footer size will be based on your soil psf.


7th Step – Obtain Building Permit.  Every Building Department in each state and city and county within a state can vary as to what they require to issue a building permit for a new residential home.  As a result it is American Ingenuity’s philosophy that each Buyer pays for only what their building department requires.  Ai does not burden the price of the building kit for building plans pricing, engineer seal fees or energy report fees. If we did, the Ai dome kit price would need increase in price.

Some areas in Arkansas, Indiana, Vermont and other states do not have building departments, so the property owner only obtains a septic tank permit and well permit if needed.  In the cases where no Building Plans are submitted to a building department, the building plans (13-17 blueprints) are utilized to build the foundation, dome kit and finish the interior of the dome home.

Some building departments can require not just building plans be submitted but they want the plans sealed by an engineer licensed for that state.   States vary as to what code they adopt and enforce.  The codes can be 2009 International Building Code, 2012 International Building Code, California Building Code and 2014 Florida Building Code 5th Edition. The Ai dome building plans comply with all these codes, but the building officials do not know this.  The seal confirms that the plans comply with that state’s code.  Engineer seals are specific to each floor plan and to each state. The engineer’s seal can be purchased through American Ingenuity.  The cost for a seal for any state for one dome on a slab is $600.

Prior to utilizing this PE Engineer to seal the dome plans, Ai hired engineering firms or architectural firms whose seal fees were $1,200, $1,500, $3,000 or more depending on the dome size.  The fees were larger because the firms had to cover their overhead and labor costs, etc.  The Professional Engineer that Ai utilizes to seal your plans does not have the high overhead and labor costs that firms do; therefore his fees are much less.

For custom foundations other than slab, engineer seal fees vary.  Please call Ai for pricing.  321-639-8777 Mon-Fri 9-5 ET.

Besides the sealed plans, the building department can require the following be submitted to issue a building permit:

  1. An Energy Report be completed on the envelope of the home including the exterior door and window U factors.  Ai can complete the Florida Energy Report and the Rescheck Energy Report for all other states but California and Washington. The price for Energy Report for one dome on a slab is $190.  These two states have their own programs so companies specializing in their completion are hired. Ai has the name of CA firm that has completed California Title 24 Energy Report on an Ai dome in Riverside Ca.
  2. Engineer sealed structural calculations on the structure showing the dome complies with snow, wind and seismic conditions for that area.   The Ai Dome exceeds any code requirements but the officials do not know that so they can ask for structural calculations that are sealed by an engineer licensed for your state.  If needed these engineer sealed calcs can be purchased through Ai. (Please do not ever ask a building official if they want structural calculations, because they will say yes. We wait and see if they request them.)
  3. Site Map – shows outline/dimensions of your property, setbacks, driveway, location of the dome, well, septic drain field (or city sewer or city water lines), location of other out buildings, etc.  Ask your building department what they want included on your site map.
  4. Electrical Diagram, Plumbing Diagram and HVAC Diagram.  Ai does not include these diagrams in the 13-17 blueprints because Ai has found the electrical, plumbing and HVAC subcontractors prefer to design their own diagrams based on how they are going to layout your electrical, plumbing and HVAC (heating & air conditioning ducts or ductless units).
  5. If you are building in Florida, Ai can complete the Florida Energy Gauge Report & its Manual J report. If building in other states other than CA & WA, Ai can complete the Rescheck Energy Report.
  6. If your building department requires the following, please hire your local HVAC subcontractor to complete: Manual S (Equipment Sizing Certification); Manual D (Duct Design & Layout Drawing); or Manual J for the Rescheck Energy Report (Residential Heat Load Calculation).
  7. If no city sewer or water, obtain permit to install well and septic tank and drain field based on number of bedrooms in the plan.
  8. Building Permit Fees are paid to the county or city.  In Florida impact fees are also paid.

6th Step – Order Dome Building Kit.  A great way to save on building your prefabricated home dome kit is to take advantage of American Ingenuity’s (Ai’s) sale pricing on the dome kit.   To learn about Ai’s current discount, click on Discount. To receive discount place a deposit and order your dome kit by November 11, 2015.  American Ingenuity will schedule your kit for manufacturing and ship it prior to May 30, 2016.  Buyer and Ai agree upon the month of shipment and if Ai determines the week/day of shipment within the agreed upon month, Buyer receives entire discount.

By selecting a floor plan, Ai will know the type and number of entryways, window dormers, door dormers, etc. to be manufactured with your kit and can complete a Preliminary Building Kit Order Form.

While Ai is designing your dome plans, you can be completing all the other paperwork that is required to obtain a building permit. When your plans are finished, submit the plans and the other required paperwork to the building department for your building permit.

When you plans are finished, Ai will know the exact type and number of entryways, dormers, Parts List items and can complete a revised Building Kit Order Form showing exact items and quantities. Call Ai at 321-639-8777 and ask for the Order Form Description.

With building plans in hand, obtain bids for your foundation installation.  Your foundation does not need to be installed to take delivery of your dome kit.  It is quite normal that foundations do not get installed when thought due to weather, etc.  Your dome kit can be stored outside for 2-3 months, in nonfreezing weather, waiting for your foundation installation (some boxes and items should be stored indoors.)

The dome kit can be stored outside (in nonfreezing months) for the following reasons:

1)The steel reinforced concrete, noncombustible Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation & drywall are not harmed by rain;

2) American Ingenuity paints the EPS edges that extend out of the steel reinforced concrete.  The paint prevents UV light from harming the EPS.

3) The special 1/2″ Georgia Pacific DensArmor drywall on the interior of the dome panel is not conventional gypsum.  When conventional gypsum gets wet, the gypsum crumbles & paper face molds.  This special DensArmor drywall contains fiberglass face with special gypsum which allows it to be moisture resistant and mold resistant as there is no paper for food source for mold growth.  Even if the drywall gets wet and is allowed to dry out, per the manufacturer the DensArmor goes back to its original consistency.


5th Step – Purchase Dome Building Plans. Besides manufacturing geodesic dome building kits, American Ingenuity (Ai) designs residential building plans that show the room arrangements of the home and other detailed dimensions and data that are used to obtain a building permit and build the foundation and the concrete dome.

With your financing determined, you know what your budget is and can determine the size dome that fits your needs. To view stock floor plan layouts for each of the dome sizes from one bedroom/one bath to four bedroom/three bath home, please click on Stock Plans. Once you are on the page, scroll down to find the hyperlinks to click on. If you do not see a stock plan that fits your needs, Ai will modify or customize a plan per your sketches & emailed notes.

Ai’s stock plans contain a blueprint for the installation of a monolithic concrete slab.  Your terrain may require a stem wall, basement or elevated foundation.  Or your building department may require you to build your new home on pilings/elevated platform. Based on your soil report and terrain and foundation construction costs for your area, you will tell Ai what type foundation you want designed below your dome.  For all foundations other than slab, Ai hires a local Florida licensed PE engineer to assist us in your custom foundation design.

Once we see which plan you prefer & what type foundation is to be designed, Ai can complete a Plans Quote that lists the regular pricing & sale pricing of the dome plans, custom foundation if needed, engineering services if needed, engineer seal fee for your state if required by your building department, and energy report cost if required by your building department. Once you agree to the Plans Quote and pay in full for the plans, any engineer services & fees, energy report, Ai schedules your plans for design. To view plans pricing, click on Plans Discount and scroll down the page to view the Plans Regular and Sale Pricing.  To view info on our most frequently asked Plans, click on Plans FAQ.

AMERICAN INGENUITY’S PHILOSOPHY:   One of the reasons American Ingenuity has been in business since 1976 and is very reputable, is that we try hard to treat all our customers the same and produce a quality dome home kit. Our business philosophy and product is unique to the housing industry. Ai believes that each person should pay for only what they need. This means only the Buyers whose building departments required engineer sealed plans and energy report, pay for those items.  Ai does not burden the price of the building kit for building plans, engineer seal or energy reports as a result, Ai’s dome kit’s pricing is usually one third to one-half less than other housing kits.

 What is included in American Ingenuity’s Residential Dome Building Plans? American Ingenuity’s Building Plans are new and improved. The building plans consist of two sets of blueprints that include the basic drawings for the dome that are needed when acquiring a building permit for one dome built on concrete slab. Or Ai will design custom foundations; i.e. basement, columns with concrete platform, pilings, stem wall, etc.

Plus Ai emails your completed building plans pdfs to you so that you can have additional sets of building plans plotted locally. The plans are composed using the AUTOCAD program on our computer aided drafting system.

American Ingenuity’s Building Plans contain all of the typical drawings and details from 13-17 sheets. The blueprints that are included depend on the type of entryways, dormers and foundation that are designed in your plans. Some of the Blueprint names are:

  • Cover Sheet
  • Legend Sheet
  • First Floor Plan
  • Second Floor Plan
  • Dome Panel Nomenclature
  • Exterior Elevations
  • 1st Floor Electrical Plan (shows location of electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, smoke detectors)
  • 2nd Floor Electrical Plan  (shows location of electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, smoke detectors)
  • Foundation Plan
  • Foundation Details
  • 2nd Floor Framing Plan
  • Typical Dome Section
  • Standard Entryway Details
  • High Profile Entryway Details
  • 1st Floor Window Dormer & Door Dormer Details
  • 2nd Floor Dormer Details
  • Stair Details
  • Cupola Plan if ordered
  • Link Plan if ordered
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