This page contains listing of builders & assemblers by state and country.  American Ingenuity’s concrete dome homes can be owner built or hire a builder who hires the independent Kit Assembly Consultant for kit assembly.

Due to requests for assistance in locating a local builder to assemble the concrete dome building kit and finish the dome, American Ingenuity (Ai) has added a new service.   Ai offers assistance with finding a contractor in continental USA, for a fee of $100 Ai will contact builders in the area you are considering building.   Once we have 3-4 potential builders/contractors, we will email their contact information.   When Building Plans are purchased, Ai will credit the $100.00 back to you.  We also have an email we send each perspective builder which says they can call us with questions.  The email contains important info about the Aidome building kit and how an independent kit assembly consultant can be hired to supervise the builder’s workers to get the prefabricated panels installed for the exterior dome shell with one layer of concrete in the seams between the panels.  Then the consultant can leave and the builder’s subs (plumbers, electricians, framers, cabinet installers, painters, etc.) finish the interior and prime and paint the exterior concrete.  In the email is a link for the builder to view a sample set of building plans.  For international builder assistance, please call for pricing.


  • Chris Curtis with Concrete Plus Inc in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma says will travel within 300 miles of Oklahoma City to install Foundations for Aidomes and assemble the dome kits.  We are not sure if he will consider finishing the interior, etc.  This means he and his crew will travel into such states as Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.  His info is 405-923-0539.  email


  • Robert Stephens with Pragma Consultants Ltd. at 110 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6, Jamaica purchased an assembled 45′ Aidome linked to a 34′ dome in Runaway Bay Jamaica and finished its interior and exterior.  He will bid the kit assembly and the building of an Aidome in Jamaica and the Caribbean. His contact info is  876-909-6338- Mobile.  Email is


  • If you are looking for a reputable Geothermal Company, contact Major Heating: main office in Wheat Ridge 303-424-1622  and outlet in Steamboat 970-870-0983.


  • Gary Cook owns KRC Custom Home Builders, Inc. in Pensacola Florida and was the builder for a 27′ Aidome linked to a 22′ dome in the Florida Panhandle. He and his crew are willing to travel 50 miles from Pensacola area to assemble the Ai building kit and finish the dome.   His business address is 3553 Geeker Street,  Pensacola, Fl 32514.   Office (850) 477-1867.  email: 
  • Greg and Brooke Foster own GSF Enterprises in Lake Placid Florida and  are the builder of a 40′ Aidome. The dome owner hired Randy Dixon as the independent kit assembly consultant to supervise Foster’s crew for one week to get them started.  Thereafter any questions, Greg called Randy.  Mr. Foster’s office number is 863-465-5214 and email is    Highlands County Florida.  They are interested in building other Aidomes.
  • For Lee and Collier Counties: Contact Bill Towler with Philip C Lemke Construction Company. His cell is 239-989-8140 email is   Their company address is 4290 Sunshine Blvd, Saint James City, Florida 33956. They will be finishing a 27′ Aidome and are interested in bidding the dome kit assembly and finishing of other Aidome projects in Lee and Collier Counties.
  • Andy St. Laurent is licensed builder in the Ft Lauderdale area. He has built a 40′ Aidome on concrete columns, concrete platform in the Florida Keys.   His phone number is 954-789-6544.  During the assembly of the dome kit, the independent kit assembly consultant was hired to supervise Andy’s workers.  He is interested in building other Aidomes.
  • James Randy Dixon with R. Dixon Construction. Inc assembled a 36’ dome in Trenton Florida in 2015 and is assembling two other Aidome kits in 2017.  He & one associate can travel to your job site throughout the USA and the world to supervise your local builder’s workers for one week.  During that time, the builder will understand the kit assembly and can finish the kit assembly with his workers & call Randy with any questions he may have.  His address is 1549 SW 22nd Court, Bell Fl.  Phone: 352-949-2166  Email:  He will also travel as a Kit Assembly Consultant through out the USA and internationally supervising your workers or your builders workers to get the dome kit assembled.
  • Michael Lanigan with Von Alan in Lutz Florida will travel 60 miles from their area to build Aidomes.  His contact info is   813-898-4363
  • Jay Long with Veteran Garage Solutions &  Lifestyle Screens  has a patented screen to roll up under a garage door. He can be contacted at 407-608-2602 C  14900 E. Orange Lake Blvd. #303  Kissimmee, Fl 34747
  • Hernando County:  Jeff West with Cornerstone Builders will bid the installation of the foundation and the finishing of the dome once the kit is assembled.  His number is 352-279-6855.
  • Jeff Hoot Bryceville: 32009 904-266-4000, Built his own Ai 40’ dome. He is interested in building domes for others. Nassau County. 
  • Charles Lovelace North Ft. Meyers: 33917 N Ft Meyers Fl 33917 239-823-7044. He is a subcontractor, will coordinate all subs for the job and help get the building permit, with client being owner builder.  Lee County.
  • David Jones Midwest Florida: 904-795-3722 Has built Ai domes. He knows of carpenters/cabinet installation, will travel within 40 miles of Citrus County. 
  • Rickey Schrader New Smyrna Beach: Built an Ai dome in New Smyrna Beach FL, 2414 Juniper Dr. Edgewater Fl 32141 Phone (904) 428-5488. Volusia County

Florida Slab Subcontractors:

  • 36’ slab was installed in the Palatka area for $6,000 a few years back. Kevin Galloways number is 386-546-7783. Cheryl spoke with Kevin Galloway, Joe Galloways son (Joe installed the slab and built 36’ Aidome in Putham County.  He is a masonry person, other son does the foundations. Working for Father (Joe) now.  Joe is semi-retired.  Full service willing to go 100 miles.
  •  Rockledge is slab subcontractor named Billy Brooks has installed slabs for a dome owner that had three domes: 36’ screen dome, 40’ dome home and 27’ garage in Lee County.  Billy’s info is 321-863-8911  His email is
  • Alfred “Billie”  Brinkley is located in Palatka Fl. Has not installed a dome slab but is willing to bid on and install.   386-697-3562
  • Hamilton Masonry –  Gray Hamilton is owner (yes GRAY) address is 2805 Kirby Circle, Palm Bay. Work 321-837-1447  Built stem wall under 40’ dome in Melbourne Beach, Fl. in 2013.


  • James Randy Dixon with R. Dixon Construction. Inc was the contractor on a 36’ dome in Trenton Florida in 2015. He & his two man crew are interested in bidding for future Ai dome shell assembly and interior construction from central Florida to northern Florida into southern Alabama and southern Georgia. He built the inside of the Walker 40′ & 34′ domes in Bell. FL.    His address is 1549 SW 22nd Court, Bell Fl.  Phone: 352-949-2166  Email:  He will also travel as a Kit Assembly Consultant through out the USA and internationally supervising your workers or your builders workers to get the dome kit assembled.
  • Bill Moorehead 706-213-0455 built his own 27’ wood dome and has also built an Ai Dome. He is interested in building domes for others. Elberton GA 30635.
  • Peter Kelley W: 404-782-2524, H: 404-782-6300 fax: 1-800-332-3827, PO BOX 167 or Oasis Dr. Lake Mont, GA 30552. Has built many domes including an Ai dome.


  • Ron Reese Construction. He has built an Ai Dome in Sagle, ID 208-263-6193, 208-265-0702.


  • Contact Heather with StoneKing Enterprises.  work 319-393-1763; cell 319-521-5465. Builder in Robins and Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas.  Address 100 Front Street, Robins, IA 52328. Will bid Aidome kit assembly and finishing.