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On the left hand side of our home page are photo gallery menu items.  To make it simple, we have listed each of those photo galleries here.

22′ Aidomes:  New Mexico and Texas

22′ Garage Dome linked to 27′ Aidome Home: Florida

34′ Aidomes:  US Virgin Islands – St. Croix and British Virgin Islands (In twelve day period these two Aidomes went thru two category 5 hurricanes with no damage. 2017 Hurricanes Irma and Maria)

34′ Aidomes: Five Photo Galleries –Thailand and Florida (one of the 34′ Florida domes can be rented out to experience dome living)

34′ Aidome:  North Carolina

36′ Aidome:  South Dakota

40′ Aidome linked to 34′ garage dome:  Colorado 

40′ Aidome on full basement:  Connecticut 

40′ Aidome: Florida

40′ Elevated Aidome:  Louisiana – went through Hurricane Katrina – no damage to the dome.

40′ Aidome on full basement:  Pennsylvania

40′ Aidome linked to 27′ garage dome:  South Carolina

45′ Aidome linked to 34′ garage dome:  California

45′ Elevated Aidome on partial basement:   Florida   (Florida Keys – 2017 went through Hurricane Irma with no damage)

45′ Aidome linked to 34′ bedroom dome:  Jamaica (Dome can be rented out to experience dome living)

45′ Aidome on full basement:  Missouri

45′ Aidome on full basement:  North Carolina

45′ Aidome on full basement:  North Carolina

45′ Aidome linked to 30′ garage dome:  Utah (off the grid)

48′ Aidome Assembly Pics:  California   (bought Ai concrete dome because wood house burned during Silver Fire)

48′ Aidome linked to 40′ garage dome & two 48′ Aidomes linked to 34′ garage dome:  Florida, Texas and New Mexico

48′ Aidome linked to 40′ garage dome:  Oklahoma

48′ Aidome:  Oregon

Misc Aidome photos – fireplaces, exteriors, interiors, garage domes, etc.

Photos of Kitchens and misc pics – Kitchens


34' front solar myrtel

How Can I View an Ai Dome?

New…New ….New interior pictures of finished 48′ dome (five bedrooms) linked to 40′ garage dome in Oklahoma’s tornado alley. To view info about Ai dome and tornadoes click on Tornado.   To view four photo galleries on 34′ dome, click on 34′ Photo Galleries.

View pictures of beautiful dome interior designed by international artist Electros, To view pictures of a 45′ dome on full basement review Stroupe page. To view other dome home photos, click on Photos.  American Ingenuity has sold over 800 dome kits into 47 USA states and 14 foreign areas. One of the recent domes to receive a building permit is in Riverside California with the buyer paying $6,500 in shipping costs for one semi-truck to delivery their 48′ in diameter dome kit.  To view assembly pics, click on Banning Ca concrete dome. The homeowner’s wood dome burned in the Silver Fire. They are rebuilding with Ai dome because it has a noncombustible concrete exterior.   Another Aidome was shipped to Trinidad’s rural forested area in January of 2016 with the buyer paying $4,531 in shipping costs.   He chose the Ai dome because its strength resists Trinidad’s hurricane force winds and its exterior is concrete to resist forest fires.

The dome kits American Ingenuity sell become private homes. Ai would like to have model homes throughout the country but it is not economically possible. If Ai did have models, we would need to double the price of the building kit to pay for the model construction, the staff to man them, annual costs to run, pay property taxes, etc. Ai has sold over 800 dome kits throughout the country. The assembled domes don’t belong to us and we can’t extend invitations to see them. However we are very happy that a few dome owners allow us to give out their name and number. So a referral could be a few states away from you.   Our referrals love their domes and are very happy to speak with potential owners. However, since they are not dome sales associates, we promise them that we will speak with each perspective buyer to answer their basic questions and walk them through significant pages on our web site. Ai tries to answer the multitude of potential buyer questions so as to not take up hours of the referral’s time with basic and in depth questions. As a result, please call our office and our friendly staff will be happy to talk with you and later provide a referral. To view free info, click on Info.

For $7 (includes USA mailing costs) purchase a DVD. It shows panel manufacturing, domes under construction and finished domes. Order the DVD by calling our office. Or to view the DVD at no cost, click on New DVD. To view stock floor plans, click on Stock Plans and scroll down the page to click on the hyperlinks. If you do not find a stock floor plan layout to fit your desires, Ai can modify or customize a stock plan or design a custom plan from your sketches and descriptions. If stock plans are mailed, call Ai at 321-639-8777 for printing costs and mailing costs.  To view the sale pricing on the stock plans and the dome kit for each plan, click on Plans & Kit Sale pricing.

To view a Youtube video showing the interior and exterior of an Ai two dome complex for sale in Albuquerque New Mexico, click on Domes. To view a slide show of 45′ dome home with 40′ dome garage, click on Florida Dome Home.



Time to brag about our employees..  American Ingenuity  (Ai) is quite proud of its Office Staff, CAD Staff, Plant Technicians and Plant Manager.  Each one does a wonderful job in completing  his or her areas of responsibilities.

The Plant staff enjoys producing an excellent quality dome home kit. The CAD department enjoys designing top notch building plans. The Office staff thoroughly enjoys answering all questions and providing excellent customer service.    We here at Ai want to thank you for researching American Ingenuity super-strong, super-energy efficient dome housing kits.

Staff Front row:

Keith – General Plant Technician:  EPS insulation cutting, Steel Mesh Cutting, Concrete Mix expert.  Seven Years with Ai.

Cheryl – Sales Associate, Receptionist & Newsletter Designer.  Four years with Ai.

Leo  – Plant Manager,  Dome Geometry Expert & Dome Construction Expert.  Nineteen years with Ai.

Dawn – QuickBooks Bookkeeper, Assistant & Receptionist. One year with Ai.

Staff Back row:

Leonard – Computer Aided Drafting Technician (CAD).   Less than one year.

John – General Plant Technician: Concrete Mix Expert, Wallboard cutting.  Three years with Ai.

Jean –  Kit Shipping Coordinator, Computer Tech, Customer Service, Assembly Manual Coordinator. Seven years w€™ Ai.

Doug – General Plant Technician:  Wallboard Cutting & Adhering, Concrete Mix expert.  Eight years with Ai.

Natasha – Computer Aided Drafting Technician.  Custom Dome Floor Plans Designer.  Nine years wwith Ai.

Glenda Co-Owner  of Ai since 1983.  General Manager & Coordinator between plans clients, CAD department & engineers.

Not pictured:

  • Michael – Retired – Founder of American Ingenuity in 1976.
  • Dan – Operations Manager.
  • Gary – web site & face book designer.


The two photo galleries & YouTube Video below are of concrete home on block basement
built in North Carolina. Three bedrooms & two bath dome home.
Above Photo Gallery is of Completed 45′ Dome Photos
Please click on arrows to view all photos.
The above photo gallery shows Construction Photos of the 45′ Stroupe Dome.
Please scroll down this page to view a YouTube Video of the Stroupe Dome.

45′ Dome on Full Basement in North Carolina.
Dome first floor square footage is 1,490.
Second floor is 540 for total dome sq.ft. of 2,030.
Basement garage and work shop is 1,492 sq.ft.
For total home sq.ft. of 3,522.

Floor Plans in PDF format.  Open by clicking on the PDF below or

download to your computer by right clicking and saving to your computer.

First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
Basement Floor Plan

(your browser may allow you to rotate the picture
by right clicking in the picture after it’s open and selecting.)

Below is YouTube Video of North Carolina 45′ Geodesic Dome Home


These photos are of a 45′ Geodesic Dome Home built in North Carolina on a basement.
(To view other dome photos, please check out the other photo galleries on the left hand Main Menu)
Click pictures once to stop, click twice to enlarge.

The first floor of this 45′ geodesic dome home has 1,476 sq.ft.  The second floor has 560 for dome total of 2,036. The basement square footage is 1,471 for a total sq.ft. of 3,507.   This dome owner chose to design a custom dome floor plan with a large kitchen and living room on the first floor with the entire second floor of the dome dedicated entirely to the master bedroom, master bath and master walk in closet.

Normally a 45′ dome can be designed to include four bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths versus this dome is only one bedroom with master bath and two half baths.  Each dome owner customizes their floor plan to fit their lifestyle and desires. Ai is happy to work with each person to design their dome plan to fit their dreams.

Floor Plans in PDF format.  Open by clicking on the PDF below or

download to your computer by right clicking and saving to your computer.

First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
Basement Floor Plan

(your browser may allow you to rotate the picture
by right clicking in the picture after it’s open and selecting.)