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American Ingenuity is happy to have a detailed Dome Video giving information
about Ai’s prefabricated  component panel system.  To view twenty five photo galleries showing Aidomes finished or under construction, click on 25 Photo Galleries.  Or to view a photo gallery showing assembly of Aidome prefab panels, click on Ai Panel Assembly.

The dome kit can be a Do It Yourself project built by owner builders
or hire a contractor that hires the independent Kit Assembly Consultant
to supervise the kit assembly.  To view video, click arrow in the middle.



This article covers Dome Overview Glenda Giving Narrative
& Inside Edition TV segment that aired on the American Ingenuity concrete dome.

1st Video is on the 22ft Dome Kit.


2nd Video

Inside Edition Report on an American Ingenuity (Ai)concrete dome dome that went through a hurricane Andrew.
Excellent explanation on how concrete dome homes are perfect for
bad weather conditions like hurricanes and tornadoes.

Due to the dome’s prefabricated panel, the kit can be owner built or built by a contractor. Either the owner builder or the contractor can hire the Kit Assembly Consultant to supervise kit assembly.


The following covers Video Radio Interview of Glenda answering questions about the Ai dome.  To view photos of beautiful Oklahoma domes, click on tornado alley.  To view beautiful dome built in Connecticut, click on Owner Built dome. On the left hand side of our home page are fourteen menu items showing dome photos.


To view a video Ai Dome Overview please click on Overview.  The American Ingenuity prefab concrete dome kit can be assembled by Owner Builders or hire a Contractor. Either the owner builder or the contractor can hire the independent Kit Assembly Consultant to supervise kit assembly.  To view special discount on the dome kit, click on Discount.


Please view the following YouTube Videos of American Ingenuity domes:

a. (Aidome in Oregon)

b. (Aidome in New York)

c.  (Various photos and Ai panel manufacturing)

d. (Interview w’ Glenda Busick & 22′ kit assembly)

e.  (Aidome in Albuquerque New Mexico)



The following is video CNBC interview on the American Ingenuity Concrete Dome Home Kit.  To view the video, please click on the center triangle.  To view stock plan layouts on each of the ten dome kit sizes, click on Stock Plans.


The TV show, CBS Sunday Morning, ran this segment featuring an American Ingenuity dome home built in Pleasantville New York.