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Florida 48ft & 40ft Aidomes, Texas 48ft w’ 34ft Garage Dome & New Mexico 48ft w’ 34′ Garage Dome.

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The home dome is a 48 foot in diameter dome,  Its first floor was designed to have two bedrooms, two baths, living room, family room, dining room and kitchen linked to a 40′ garage dome.  The 48′ dome’s first floor is 1,905 sq.ft. and second floor of 830 for total of 2,735 sq.ft.   The Home Dome has a second floor which includes master bedroom, master bath with two walk in closets and a study.

Ai has stock floor plan layouts for each of the ten size building kits we manufacture.  To view the stock plans click on Plans.  If you do not see a plan to fit your lifestyle, Ai can modify a stock plan or design a custom plan from your sketches and descriptions.  We are happy to explain the floor plan design process with you.  Besides designing the plans which are utilized to obtain a building permit, Ai manufactures the kits from prefab panels which when assembled result in the exterior walls and roof of the concrete dome.

The kit can be owner built or hire a local contractor to assemble the panels and finish the dome with local materials.  The independent kit assembly consultant can be hired to supervise your workers or your contractors workers for kit assembly.  Then yourself or local conventional subcontractors finish the dome; i.e. framers, plumbers, electricians, drywall finishers, etc.

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Texas 48ft Aidome linked to 34’ Garage Dome

These domes went through Hurricane Ike’s 143 mph winds and Hurricane Harvey with no damage.

The homeowner states: “Our domes had no damage although we had significant tree damage on our one acre lot.  We slept through Hurricane Ike and only the next day realized how violent the hurricane had been.  Whole communities two miles away in the Galveston Bay area  were destroyed.  Our neighbors could not believe that we slept through the storm….they told us that they had been up all night due to the violent winds and noise. We did not have to replace or repair our roof. YEA!  Many of our neighbors have spent the last several months replacing their roofs.   Because of the aerodynamic shape of the dome, its steel reinforced concrete construction and its thick insulation, the hurricane sounds were not absorbed through the walls of the dome and our domes had no damage.  We are really glad that we built our domes back in 1991.”


New Mexico 48ft Aidome linked to 34′ Garage Dome

These domes were built in 1995.  Sorry no plan layouts.  The home dome has around 3,100 sq.ft. with 1,300 in the garage dome. The link is about 15′ by 20′.  Second floor has three large bedrooms and two full baths.

To view a YouTube Video of the dome when it was for sale, click on New Mexico Dome.  To view stock plan layouts for a 48′ dome, please click on Stock Plans and scroll down the page to find the 48′ plans to view.