The following describes the Model Dome Kit.

Put into perspective the actual living space inside American Ingenuity domes by constructing a 3-D scale model of your dream home as you envision it.  When assembled it is 24” in diameter, 15” high plastic rib & hub skeleton anchored into a foam base.

Use locally purchased foam core board for walls, second floors, entryways, & dormers.  Included is 2-D furniture for 30’, 34’, 40’, 45’ and 48’ domes and a to-scale ruler for each size dome.  It is the furniture and the ruler that will determine the dome size; the model remains the same for all sizes of domes.  To get perspective of the room sizes, lay the paper furniture in the rooms.

To view the stock plans for each of the ten size kits, American Ingenuity (Aidomes) manufactures, click on Stock Plans.

Use the Model Dome Kit to visualize which floor plan is best for you by laying out some of the floor plan designs within the Model Dome Kit.

The Model Dome Kit does not contain to-scale furniture for the two frequency domes (15′, 18′, 22’, 27) or four frequency domes (60′).

Please call Ai’s office 321-639-8777 for current pricing and continental USA shipping costs.