45′ in diameter unfinished Aidome on Full Basement
around one hour to Asheville, North Carolina 


(See below for Floor Plans – Pricing Charts – Total Acreage) 

This Aidome 45’ Dome Kit is assembled on a full basement with rough framing/electrical/plumbing.  The dome has passed a Yancey County inspection where permanent power was turned on which means per the building department the dome could be lived in and finished once a kitchen and bathroom is installed.   The basement has 1,454 sq.ft.  The dome’s first floor is 1,442 sq.ft.  The dome’s second floor has 686 sq.ft. for total square footage of 3,583.  The two floors inside the dome have 2,129 sq.ft.  The dome is located 30 minutes from Burnsville or Marion or Spruce Pine North Carolina and around one hour from Asheville North Carolina.  The address is 10407 Hwy 80 South, Burnsville NC 28714.  It is two miles from Mt. Mitchell Golf Course and four miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The dome’s access is directly off Highway 80 South on a 1,500 foot long gravel road leading to the dome’s driveway which is around 188 feet long. 

If the buyer of the dome chooses to change the interior layout, American Ingenuity (Ai) can hire a local engineer to calculate the load of the dome’s first and second floor to determine what posts are needed in the basement to support the load, etc.  The engineer’s fee to review the Buyer’s desired changes and give solutions is $200.  Ai’s fee to revise the building plans to show the new layout and include details from the Engineer is $400.  The finished plan pdfs would be emailed to the dome buyer so they can have sets of building plans printed locally submitting one set to Yancey County Building Department.

Per Neil McCurry, Yancey County Building official whose work number is 828-682-7833, Cell is 828-284-5866 when the new owner wants to start finishing, a Remodel Permit can be issued by Yancey County with Mr. McCurry coming out to complete a visual inspection and determine what inspections would be needed.  If any framing changes, Mr. McCurry said a new set of building plans can be submitted showing the revisions clouded.  He said there is no need to have a North Carolina engineer seal on the revised plans – this saves $900.

The name of the realtor who can show the unfinished dome is June Jerome with June Jerome Realty at 828-675-9536 or email JuneJeromeRealty@Frontier.com   Please call or email Owner Glenda Busick for any info the realtor cannot answer – 321-693-8787 or glendab.aidomes@gmail.com

The attached chart named 45’ Aidome Cost Chart lists the actual costs of $100,070 the owner incurred to get the dome to its current rough framing/plumbing/electrical stage. However the seller lives in Florida with too many commitments to continue this project at a distance and has reduced the price to $49,000.  This pricing includes electric to the dome ($1,008.31), well ($2,750), septic/drain field ($6,415) but does not include pricing for any land.  In the contour map named Piece 4 of total Acreage shows the area around the dome to the gravel roads around the dome.  That area could be 3 acres or 4 acres of 5 acres.  Or a person could purchase 1 or 2 acres of land around the dome. The land price is $7,500 an acre.  The purchaser of the dome will pay for a survey to survey off whatever number of acres they want to purchase around the dome.

The chart shows if the dome kit was purchased in 2017 and built in 2017, it would cost around $23,088 more to build to the dome’s current status.  If a builder and consultant were hired to build a new dome then the savings by purchasing the Dome As Is  is around $33,667 versus starting from scratch.   There is a Green Mountain NC Licensed Builder (Randall Ayers at 828-682-3088) who can be hired to finish the 45’ dome or there is a local Handy Man Father and Son Team in Busick who can be hired to complete the finishing – Darin Autrey  H 828-675-0629 or C 828-284-5064.   Or if you decide to purchase a new dome kit, Randall Ayers will assemble the dome kit utilizing the independent Kit Assembly Consultant and then finish the dome.   Darin and his father are the ones who remodeled the interior of the 34 finished dome dome which is for sell.

Info about the dome structure:  The Steel Reinforced Concrete Dome is built from an Aidome Building Kit which includes exterior prefabricated panels manufactured from center core of 7″ thick expanded polystyrene insulation (EPS -R28), 1/4″ Georgia Pacific DensDeck special drywall which is mold resistant and water resistant (similar to green board) with exterior of 3/4″ thick concrete reinforced with galvanized steel mesh & fibers. The seams between the panels average 2″ thick fiber & steel reinforced concrete.  Dome Panel Info is on web site Our web site is www.aidomes.com   To compare what it would cost to build the unfinished dome at current pricing, a column has been added in the Price Chart listing prices for each item based on current year 2017 costs.

The company American Ingenuity (Ai) has shipped dome kits to 47 states and 15 foreign areas.  Why did a buyer near Australia pay $18,000 in shipping costs to get one 34’ Aidome kit shipped to him in a 40’ high cube container?  And why did a buyer in Washington state pay nearly $9,000 for one truck to deliver his 40’ kit?  Simply put, the buyers could not build a home or buy any house that has the energy efficiency, strength and noncombustible concrete exterior that the American Ingenuity dome has.  

  1. Fire resistant concrete exterior
  2. The Ai dome is more energy efficient than a conventional house: Why?
    1. Because of the thick insulation which is comparable to 10” of fiberglass batting (A conventional house would need min 2×10 walls filled with 10” of fiberglass batting and still not meet the energy efficiency of the Ai dome because the 2×12 would interrupt the insulation)
    2. the reduced exterior surface area (30% less than a conventional house so less exterior walls for your AC and Heat to pass through)
    3. and because the exterior walls of Ai dome contain no wood to interrupt the insulation.
  3. There is no wood in or on the dome shell to rot or to burn or for termites to eat.
  4. There is no roof to replace every 11-12 years.  After the dome kit is assembled, the exterior concrete is primed and painted with two coats of breathable elastomeric paint.  The exterior concrete is repainted every 4-5-6 years.
  5. The dome is stronger (225 mph wind and F4 tornado)due to aerodynamic shape, continuous steel reinforced concrete exterior and triangle panel shape.

To view utility bills on Ai’s 3,700 sq.ft. office domes located in east central Florida (45’ dome linked to a 34’ dome) click onSuper-Energy Efficiency.  The office domes can be cooled for less than $85 a month in the hot Florida summer months to 74 degrees Mon-Sat and 77 degrees after 7pm and on Sunday.  By the way it is even easier to heat an Aidome that it is to cool one.  To heat you do not need to overcome heat generated by sunlight, computers, clothes dryer, dish washer….that heat is used.  Where as to air condition that heat has to be overcome.

To finish the dome’s concrete exterior:

  • Grind down any high concrete areas
  • Apply concrete bonding agent on the area you want to add concrete to.  Apply a finish layer of fiber concrete to any areas that looks rough.  Seller can provide the concrete recipe.  Basically is Portland cement, masonry sand and fibers from concrete mixing plant.
  • Kill any algae with 50/50 mix of bleach water.  Pressure wash the dome.
  • Prime the exterior concrete with white primer and any cracks will appear as brown or black.  Seal any cracks with elastomeric caulk or patching compound
  • Mix perlite in the first layer of elastomeric paint and roll the paint on the dome.  This will hide any wavy seam appearance. (use a light to medium color paint).  Seller will provide exact instructions for this.
  • Apply second layer of elastomeric paint.
  • Various brands of paint can be used:
    1. Ames Research Labs: Maximum – Stretch, at participating ACE & True Value Stores (if using Ames see separate Ames doc because specific type sealants and primer need to be used….NOT TT3)
    2. Sherwin Williams: Loxon XP Paint, Loxon Primer and Conditioner
    3. Richards Paint:  Rich Flex 245; use Rich Flex Alkali Resistant 100% Acrylic Masonry Primer
    4. Behr’s Premium Elastomeric Masonry, Stucco & Brick Paint –Home Depot
    5. Seal Krete Paint (pigmented) –Home Depot

To finish the Georgia Pacific DensDeck 1/4” drywall on the interior of the dome shell panels:

  1. First complete any electrical wiring buy cutting a groove in the drywall and eps with a router or circular saw.  Insert the wiring.  Fill the groove with expanding foam, cut it back flush to the drywall and finish with fiberglass tape and joint compound.
  2. Fiberglass tape and joint compound any seam areas between the DensDeck.
  3. To blend the taped areas in the DensDeck, skip trowel joint compound over all the DensDeck.  This will result in a high low textured affect.