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We apologize for the poor quality of some of the photos. It is our thought, “Having some photos, no matter how good or bad, is better than no photos.” As we receive better photographs we will remove the poorer quality ones.

Remember that the first floor of the house domes (30′, 34′, 40′, 45′ and 48′) can have up to five entryways and the second floor of the 34′, 40′, 45′ and 48′ domes can have up to five single windows or single doors.

Because of the savings that American Ingenuity Dome kits offer over traditional home building and our versatility of design for entryways and windows, some clients find their budget for French doors, double doors, picture windows, etc., exceed the purchase price of the dome kit. The amount of abundant, natural interior light is entirely up to the client’s imagination and budget.

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This web site file contains YouTube Videos & Free Info on the American Ingenuity concrete dome homes.  Click on Dome Overview to view a video of Glenda explaining the American Ingenuity dome. To view an interview with an Ai Dome Owner, click on CNBC Video.  To view a small color flyer, click on flyer

To view DVD at no cost, click on DVD.  To view examples of American Ingenuity’s stock plans for each of the ten dome kit sizes we manufacture, please view Geodesic dome floor plans. Please scroll down the page to view the plan hyperlinks to click on.

To view our web site article which has a chart summarizing items which can be purchased from Ai, click on Chart.  In that article we list the sale price of the stock plans and sale pricing for the building kits for each stock plan.  This plan and building kit sale pricing does not include any unadvertised specials.  Please scroll down the page to find the Chart and then click on Continued to go to a second page which describes the contents of the building plans, engineering services, finished cost per sq.ft., temporary wooden support system, etc.

 The following are Three YouTube Videos of American Ingenuity Domes:

   Exterior & interior of two dome complex for sale in Albuquerque New Mexico.


(Dome in New York)

(Dome in Oregon)


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To view photo galleries of domes being assembled, view Dome Kit Assembly and Construction Overview.  To view gorgeous photos of dome interiors, click on 40′ dome   NC Dome,  California DomeTo view other dome photos, on the left hand side of our Home Page look for menu item named Pictures.  Below it are 14 sub menu items to click on to view various dome photos. 


To view DVD at no cost, click on DVD. 

To view examples of American Ingenuity’s stock plans for each size dome, please click on Geodesic dome floor plans. Please scroll down the page to view the hyperlinks to click on.

Because of spam filters good emails, do not get through. If you email us and do not receive a reply, please call us to see if we received your email.  Please put our email addresses in your contact list so you can receive our replies.  Our email addresses are GlendaB.Aidomes@gmail.com and DawnM.Aidomes@gmail.com   If you email and do not receive a reply please call and we will resend the email.

Prior to Purchasing Property

At No Cost To You Ai Will Call Your Building Department

To Assure the Dome Kit Can Be Built & What Is Required To Obtain a Building Permit

Prior to purchasing property, call Ai and ask for our Buying Land document that lists items to check before land purchase. If you own your property the document is an excellent checklist for what items need to be accomplished prior to home construction.

If you own your property or have narrowed your property searches down to one parcel, please provide Ai the property address or tax ID number and the name and telephone number of the building department and Ai will call the plans examiner and show him or her our web site, email drop box invitation containing set of generic dome plans, engineering statement and example of structural wind/snow/seismic calculations.

Ai will confirm the building department will accept American Ingenuity’s prefabricated panel as is, and what additional paperwork (other than Building Plans) and requirements are needed for a permit to be issued (i.e. engineer seal, energy report). Each state, county and city building departments have specific requirements and requests. Ai will recap the conversation with the building department, listing person’s name, etc and email to you…all at no cost to you and with no obligation to purchase building plans or a building kit.


To view the 12 page Color Brochure, please Click Here for Brochure.

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