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This page contains Ai Florida Dome Office Energy Recap and floor plan layouts.

American Ingenuity’s (Ai’s) Office Domes are over 25 years old. 

Exterior office 34 with 45' with screen dome

American Ingenuity’s (Ai’s) 3,700 sq.ft. Office Domes
can be cooled for less than  $80 a month during Florida’s Hottest Months

To view Annual Electrical Bill Charts for Ai’s Dome Offices, click on links below named Ai Summary Electric Use. Our dome offices are a 45 ft in diameter dome linked to a 34 ft in diameter dome. Both domes are all electric with R-28 7″ EPS insulation.  For example the 2017 SUMMARY shows that it costs a monthly average of $79.17 to air condition Ai’s 3,700 sq.ft. Florida offices for each of the five hottest months of the year. The following describes how we came to this conclusion.  To view our office domes floor plan layouts, please scroll down to bottom of this page to find the pdfs to click on.

In January 2017 no Heat or AC were used, therefore the cost to run everything in our Office (computers, monitors, printers, backup power supplies, lights, well pump, refrigerator )  was $92.85.  To determine the monthly Air Conditioning costs, we subtracted $92.85 from each month’s electric bill to get that month’s Air Conditioning Costs. To obtain our 2017 monthly average Air Conditioning costs, we averaged the five hottest month’s AC costs.  The five hottest months in 2017 were June thru October to equal $395.85 divided by five to make an monthly average AC cost of $70.17 to air condition 3,700 sq.ft.during Florida’s hottest summer months. The thermostat was kept at 74 degrees 8 am -7pm  Monday thru Saturday and 77 degrees at night and on Sunday.

In 2013 we kept the thermostat at 76 degrees during the day not 74 degrees as we did in 2014 and 2015; resulting in increased 2014 and 2015 cooling costs.  Ai did not know it, but the air handler was not working properly during the summer of 2014 so we experienced higher AC costs than should have occurred. The air handler was replaced in December 2014 causing 2015 AC costs to be less than 2014 because the air handler was operating more efficiently in 2015.

FYI, heating Ai domes is even easier than cooling because when heating, the heat generated by computers, refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes dryers, sunlight, etc.  is used and does not need to be overcome as is done during cooling.

To view energy bills for a Florida 40′ dome of 1,985 sq.ft. of three bedrooms and two baths, click on 40′ dome.

To view info about South Carolina dome awarded EPA’s Energy Star, click on 40′ dome.

To view energy recap on a 34′ – 1,075 sq.ft. Florida Dome Home, click on Home Energy Recap. and scroll down the page to find the recaps.

As far as functioning in cold, snowy environment, American Ingenuity domes have been built in Canada, one built at 7,500 feet elevation in Utah and Aidomes have been built in all cold states in the USA except for New Hampshire, Rhode Island and North Dakota.

A Model Dome in Melbourne Florida was completed in 1985 and a few months later entered in the 1986 Aurora Awards competition.  In May of 1986, Ai was notified that the American Ingenuity Model had won the award for the Most Energy Efficient Residences as judged by the Southeast Builders Conference, a division of the National Home Builders Association.  In August of that same year, the model also won the Grand Award for all energy efficient categories…beating out a passive solar home designed for one of Florida’s nuclear powered utility companies, Florida Power and Light.

One of our customers in Pennsylvania built a 40′ dome on full basement. This is quote from them: ““We live in the mountains of PA. The winters up here can be brutal. Our Ai Dome is a 40ft with Link on a 9″ thick livable basement. {Den, Office/Computer room, Kitchenette} The entire interior, to include the mechanical room, is heated and cooled by a GeoThermal, Water furnace, Radiant floor system. Our zone controllers are set on 74 degrees winter and summer. Our sole power source, at present, is the grid. Our costs per month range from $99 to a high of $120. We were amazed that our cost now are less than when we lived in a 14 by 73 ft mobile home while building the Dome. Our decision to build an American Ingenuity Dome home was the best decision we have ever made.” To view pictures of their dome and other info, click on Charles Dome.

A picture of the dome at 7,500 feet elevation showing snow is one of the flashing pictures on our home page. The dome is off the grid and has increased EPS insulation from our standard 7″ R28 to 9″ or R36. Quote from the Utah dome owners: “Our house and solar electric system have met and exceeded all of our expectations. Our home is warm and spacious. Even with nighttime temperatures below zero, a fire in the masonry heater in the evening and a full day of sun warms the house to 70 degrees F. Our average summertime power consumption is between 150 and 200 kWh/month for 2700 square feet of living space. Wintertime consumption is somewhat higher. For comparison, our average pre-solar usage was near 600 kWh/month in our prior 2000 square foot suburban home.” To view info about Utah dome off the grid, click on Collar domes.

Question:  How did the American Ingenuity dome perform during the Energy Efficiency Study prepared for the U.S. Department of Energy?  Superbly. Test findings were released from a year long study prepared for the U.S. Department of Energy by the Florida Solar Energy Center, a governmental consumer agency, in cooperation with the University of Oregon and the University of Central Florida. This study compared an American Ingenuity dome with an energy efficient conventionally built structure and a super energy efficient Styrofoam house designed by Dow Chemical. It came as no surprise to us that our test dome far surpassed both the conventional house and the Dow test house in being the most energy efficient.

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The first pdfs are recaps by year showing each month’s electric bill amount.  Our utility company is named Florida Power & Light.  In 2017 the cost per KWH was 11cents.  

2010 Summary Electric Use

2011 Summary Electric Use

2012 Summary Electric Use

2013 Summary Electric Use

2014 Summary Electric Use

2015 Summary Electric Use

2016 Summary Electric Use

2017 Summary Electric Use

To view the individual Florida Power and Light electric bills for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017.  click on the three links below for each year

2013 Florida Office Monthly Electric Bills
Jan. – April
May – Aug.
Sept. – Dec.

2014 Florida Office Monthly Electric Bills
Jan. – April
May – Aug.
Sept. – Dec.

2015 Florida Office Monthly Electric Bills
Jan. – April
May – Aug.
Sept – Dec.

2016 Florida Office Monthly Electric Bills
Jan. – April
May – Aug.
Sept – Dec.

2017 Florida Office Monthly Electric Bills
Jan. – April
May – Aug.
Sept – Dec

2018 Florida Office Monthly Electric Bills
 Jan. – April

To view the floor plan layouts for our Office Domes, please click on the pdfs below.  The first floor layout is named Ai Office Dome Floor 1.  The second floor plan layout is named Ai Office Dome Floor 2. 

PDF for Downloading & Printing

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This article discusses some of the awards & recognition
American Ingenuity Concrete Domes have received.
40' dome on right linked to 30' dome.

40′ concrete dome on right linked to 30′ dome.  Featured on front cover of Popular Science Magazine in 1987.  Dome also won award for “Most Energy Efficient Residence” in southeastern USA


34' dome on left linked to 45' dome.

34′ dome on left linked to 45′ dome.  American Ingenuity Office domes have been featured on TV & in newspaper articles.


27' garage dome with garage door up.....can park two medium size vehicles.

27′ garage dome with garage door up…..can park two medium size vehicles. These domes were awarded EPA’s Energy Star ranking.

Through the years, American Ingenuity Domes have been featured in many magazine articles, books, newspaper articles and television programs.

Television Coverage:

1)    Inside Edition:  On September 11, 1998, Inside Edition, a syndicated TV show led off with a segment on our geodesic domes.  The theme of the segment revolved around the super strength of our domes and how they withstand hurricane forces.  The reporter and two man camera crew first went to Miami and interviewed the owners of a dome that survived a direct hit from hurricane Andrew.  Views of the Menendezes’ beautiful interior were shown but the inspiring stories of the horse trailer and tornado slamming the dome got edited.  They then drove up to our corporate offices.  The segment went on to show our five dome complex including  component panels being made in the factory.  The next stop was to view domes under construction in Melbourne, a 34′ home linked to a 22′ garage.  Also of interest was the interior metal framing and metal floor joists.

The program director had previously asked us for a way to illustrate the domes ability to withstand hurricane force winds.  Short of calling up a 200 mph wind and filming the real thing, the next best option is a computer finite analysis.  The computer simulated a force equal to 230 mph winds.  Our dome stood rock solid.  In fact, to see the movement in the dome, the deflection had to be magnified 50 times.  A square structure was also modeled but it collapsed with 150 mph winds.

A completed dome home was the next stop.  After videoing the house and the dog dome, the reporter, Stephen Gendel, asked for an egg.  While on screen he took his best shot at squeezing it to death.  They departed shortly thereafter knowing that they had a good story and I can tell you with certainty, they were impressed.

About a week after the program aired we got a call from the New York office.  They specifically called to tell us that they had received a flood of calls from people trying to get in touch with us.  For viewers to call us directly they had to figure out the city and area code on their own.  One lady reported that the long distance information operator knew our number by heart.

2)    Film Garden Entertainment of California put together a television program for Home and Garden TV and wanted to include our geodesic dome.  A TV crew spent a day filming our office and manufacturing facility along with two local dome residences.  They also interviewed Michael and Glenda for many hours about the dome concept, manufacturing and assembly of our domes.  The program Insiders List aired in August 2004.  The theme of the program was the top 10 innovative prefab homes throughout the world.  It ranged from “Wee Houses” in the Midwest that were 18′ x 24′ x 10′ to million dollar prefab penthouse modules placed on purchased rooftop spaces in London.  American Ingenuity was privileged to be ranked number 9 on the list.

Magazine coverage:
• A cover story in Popular Science in March 1987
• Builder Dealer Magazine in November 1987
• Ambassador Magazine for Trans World Airlines in May 1990
• American Survival Guide magazine in January 1991 and September 1995
• Aberdeen’s Concrete Construction magazine in March 1996
• Home Power magazine in June/July 1998

Book coverage:
• Future Stuff
• Xtreme Houses by Courtenay Smith & Sean Topham. Prestel Verlag offices are in Munich, Berlin, London, New York 2002

Newspaper Coverage: (to read some of these articles click on Newspaper)
• Numerous articles written by syndicated columnist James Dulley
• Florida Today
• Detroit News
• Asheville Citizen Times January 19, 2006 (North Carolina)
• International Herald Tribune December 10-11, 2005 (Hong Kong)
• The New York Times January 11, 2007
• The Florida Keys Sunday January 28, 2007
• Jamaica-Gleaner August 26, 2007