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Oregon Dome Interior Construction pictures of Willis Concrete dome.

This dome was owner built.

The following covers Video Radio Interview of Glenda answering questions about the Ai dome.  To view photos of beautiful Oklahoma domes, click on tornado alley.  To view beautiful dome built in Connecticut, click on Owner Built dome. On the left hand side of our home page are fourteen menu items showing dome photos.



 The following covers ABC Radio Interview on a Texas ABC Station

Glenda Carlin-Busick, co-owner of American Ingenuity, was interviewed by Sandra Yancey, founder of eWomen Network.  The radio interview aired March 15, 2009 on Texas WBAP News/Talk 820, an ABC/Disney Company.

Click here to download/listen to this interview (mp3 format)

On the left hand side of our web site are over 14 menu times of photos for various concrete domes built in California, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Connecticut, Oklahoma, etc.   To view stock floor plan layouts for each of the ten dome sizes, from 172 sq.ft. to 2,992 sq.ft, click on Stock Plans and scroll down the page to find the hyperlinks to click on. 

The dome can be owner built or the home owner can hire a Contractor. The dome kit assembly can be a DIY project because all the panels are numbered and lettered to match the building plans and the Assembly Manual.   Either the owner builder or contractor can hire the independent kit assembly consultant to supervise the dome kit assembly.

Because a geodesic dome as a home is probably new to you, you may have several questions.   Feel free to call American Ingenuity at 321-639-8777.  Ai’s office is open Monday through Friday 9-5 Eastern time and closes in observance of New Years, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This article features two photo galleries: Whaley Dome Pictures
of a 34′ dome linked to 27′ two garage dome in Florida & 34′ dome built on full basement.


The Whaley’s concrete dome was constructed from American Ingenuity’s prefabricated panelized home kit. 

The domes were owner built.  They chose to accentuate the seam finish between the panels which involves greater finishing costs. Best to finish the seams with a flat look or curved look.

Quote from R. Whaley, Florida: “Once the dome is initially heated or cooled, the temperature remains constant. Just think of when you take your soda pop to the beach on the hottest day of the year in an inch thick foam cooler. Once the house gets cool or hot as desired, it retains that temperature and stays constant.” In 2004 their dome went through two hurricanes. The following is their comments on the storms: “We live in a 34′ dome one block from the ocean. Our domes went through Hurricane Frances and the exit winds of Hurricane Charley. During the hurricane we could hear things hitting the domes. In the morning we walked around the yard and picked up shingles and soffits from other people’s houses and washed off our driveway. It was as if nothing had happened at all.” (34′ dome home and 27′ dome garage)

To view samples of stock plans for each of the ten sizes of domes, Ai sells click on Dome Stock Plans.

To view photos and electric bills of another 34′ Ai dome built from prefab panels located in Florida click on two bedroom/two bath.

To view photos of 34′ dome built as a vacation home in North Carolina, click on Vacation dome.


Whaley Floor Plans in PDF format.  Open by clicking on the PDF below
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