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This article covers windows energy efficient.  For research purposes, please visit Milgard’s web site at http://www.milgard.com

One of American Ingenuity’s clients purchased Milgard’s protruded fiberglass double paned windows with low-E. The following info came directly from their site:

Cut heating and cooling losses with the best glass in the industry: Milgard SunCoat™ Low-E all climate, all-season glass. It’s the “clear” glass choice for energy-efficient windows that give you year-round comfort. You’ll find it on all Milgard insulated windows. Not only does it make our windows more energy efficient, but it also protects your carpet and furniture from fading. SunCoat Low-E blocks infrared light and reduces ultraviolet light.

Other manufacturers of energy efficient windows are Jeld-wen (available at Home Depot & Lowes), Andersen and Pella.

During your building plans design, Ai will email elevation views of the entryways and dormers showing max rough opening size for exterior door and window installation.  Ai will also give rough opening sizes for windows.

To obtain a building permit, in some states an energy report is required.  The report  includes exterior wall sizes, wall composition, R value, exterior door type and U factor, window sizes/frame type/ U factor.  Ai completes the energy report after buyer gives answers to specific door and window questions listed in a questionnaire.  The fee for an energy report for one dome on a slab is $190.

Double panned, low E, vinyl windows will pass the Energy Report.

Heating System

Dan & Rebecca Willis in Oregon purchased an American Ingenuity 48′ dome in March 2004. They installed a hydronic floor and heating system.


To see photographs of this system click on Hydronic Floor Heating System

This web site file contains YouTube Videos & Free Info on the American Ingenuity concrete dome homes.  Click on Dome Overview to view a video of Glenda explaining the American Ingenuity dome. To view an interview with an Ai Dome Owner, click on CNBC Video.  To view a small color flyer, click on flyer

To view DVD at no cost, click on DVD.  To view examples of American Ingenuity’s stock plans for each of the ten dome kit sizes we manufacture, please view Geodesic dome floor plans. Please scroll down the page to view the plan hyperlinks to click on.

To view our web site article which has a chart summarizing items which can be purchased from Ai, click on Chart.  In that article we list the sale price of the stock plans and sale pricing for the building kits for each stock plan.  This plan and building kit sale pricing does not include any unadvertised specials.  Please scroll down the page to find the Chart and then click on Continued to go to a second page which describes the contents of the building plans, engineering services, finished cost per sq.ft., temporary wooden support system, etc.

 The following are Three YouTube Videos of American Ingenuity Domes:

   Exterior & interior of two dome complex for sale in Albuquerque New Mexico.


(Dome in New York)

(Dome in Oregon)


To view video with pictures, please click on video.

To view photo galleries of domes being assembled, view Dome Kit Assembly and Construction Overview.  To view gorgeous photos of dome interiors, click on 40′ dome   NC Dome,  California DomeTo view twenty five photo galleries of finished Aidomes and Aidome building kits under assembly, please click on 25 Photo Galleries. 


To view DVD at no cost, click on DVD. 

Prior to purchasing property, review our Free Buying Land & Zoning Checklist documents 

These documents are in pdf format on this link.


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